Find out how to select the right company

A removal is not just a transport of goods, it is about moving items with a lifetime’s worth, so we must be sure who we trust with this arduous task.

We will help you make the right decision.

Start by researching the company

Visit the website, social media and read the feedback available online, because external references are undoubtedly an ally when choosing. And the experience of other customers can help you understand how the company works and treats its customers.

Confirm that the company has licenses

To carry out goods transport (License) and which associations are you part of and what quality certificates do you have? Because we are a company with License nº for the transport of goods at international and national level, we have ISO 9001 quality certificate and all our collaborators are trained professionals specialized in managing the entire process of moving. We are also part of several associations of moving companies worldwide and we only work with other certified companies offering a guarantee of quality.

Check what types of materials will be used in your removal

Because when the price is lower, it is almost certain that the materials to be used will not be the most suitable. We only work with the highest quality materials (triple bubble, kraft paper, reinforced cardboard boxes, anti-humidity packs), which prevent damage from occurring when moving.

Always choose to take out insurance for your removal

Since a certified company will always offer you the possibility of taking out insurance, with the aim of protecting you and offering a quality service.

Always request information about the partner company

If you move internationally and there is a subcontracting company to deliver your goods, it is extremely important to have complete and clear information about the entire process.

Analyze the budget correctly

Always check the inclusions & exclusions when comparing quotes and read everything carefully, as when a quote is 40-50% lower than the others, it is because there has to be some marked difference in the service to be provided.
Know that when selecting Invictus Relocation Services to handle your removal, you are making the right choice, opting for rigor, security and transparency.